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FREE Le-vel Pure shots

Pure is a premium lifestyle drink designed to help you take your fitness ad health goals to the next level.  Pure will help you increase your energy levels, increase your stamina, and help with focus.  It is a compact portable energy drink that helps supply vitamins, nutrients, and amino acids.

Pure is so much more than just an energy drink.  Many of the carefully selected ingredients not only aide in energy support but they help with your overall health.

Take pantothenic acid (D-Calcium), it is an essential nutrient your body needs to create energy, break down carbohydrates and fats. pantothenic acid has also been known to lower LDLs and raise HDL’s.

Vitamin B12 is used to convert into glucose in the body, leading to energy production and a decrease in fatigue and lethargy.  It helps with a healthy regulation of the nervous system.  As well as helps maintain a healthy digestive system.  B12 is essential for healthy skin, hair, and nails.

Taurine can help improve overall health is by fighting obesity. Obesity impacts every area of the body, especially because of the inflammation-generating abdominal fat stores. Taurine increases muscle contractility having a more powerful workout as your muscles work harder. Taurine helps exercising muscle rid itself of lactic acid. Lactic acid is what causes the feelings of pain and soreness and is what limits how much a muscle can continue to work. By cleaning up lactic acid, taurine helps muscles work longer.

Gamma- Aminobutyric (GABA)  allows for the balancing out of other chemicals such as adrenalin and noradrenalin that may otherwise lead to feelings of restlessness, irritability, and even insomnia. It has been used by weightlifters for a long time due to its ability to improve athletic performance and help with fat loss. There is even evidence suggesting that GABA plays a key role in the regulation and growth of embryonic and neural stem cells  It can boost your metabolism since additional muscle mass puts greater caloric demands on the body. Whether you are an aspiring bodybuilder or just someone looking for a little bit of help at reducing a few pounds, GABA can help.

N-Acetyl-L-tyrosine effects are as a fat burning agent or weight loss aid. The supplement controls levels of catecholamine hormones which are the primary mediators for the lipolysis and thermogenesis processes in the body. These are the two functions most essential to the burning of fat for the production of energy.

glucuronolactone can help promote energy and endurance while supporting rebound and recovery after exertion.

Using pure along side your Thrive 8 week program will help your overall health by increasing your energy levels, and promoting focus and stamina.  Everything Pure supplies for your overall performance is now included free for first time Thrive 8 week program buyers with a minimum of $150.00

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