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14 month Thriving and loving it

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I have been Thriving for 13 going on 14 months with Le-vel now.  I am just so happy today that I made the choice to give Thrive a shot.  I can not imagine where I would be today or how terrible I would be feeling without this stuff.

Today I will celebrate over a year with Le-vel Thrive doing my 3 steps.  I never would have thought I could do 3 steps let alone take a multi-vitamin every day.  I quickly realized the reason it’s so easy is its done first thing in the morning.  2 capsules first thing when I open my eyes with a glass of water, 20 minutes later I pour my lifestyle mix into a bottle of water and shake up and drink, then I put on my DFT. That’s it for the entire day and I get the cleanest pure energy I have ever experienced.

There is just no way to describe how much this product has changed my life and do it justice.  It is something you have to try for yourself.  Everyone on the planet no matter how healthy you eat has nutritional gaps.  You would be shocked at how amazing your body feels when it’s operating at premium and peak functional state.

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