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Aimee Rodrigues Le-vel Thrive Testimonial.

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Hello, my name is Aimee Rodrigues, from Courtenay BC, I’m a 38 year old wife to an amazing man and mom to two darling fur babies, and this is my 1 year thrive experience.

2 years ago I had a friend of mine approach me on Facebook about trying these new health and nutrition products that she had been trying called “Thrive”. I told her that I had tried everything under the sun to feel better, have more energy, and lose weight. I did not want to give her a minute to explain anything. She persisted. I ignored. Eventually after about three months she gave up. I still saw her posts. She looked great. She had so much energy. I just thought it was a gimmick, another fad or quick fix that would be thrown by the waste side in a few months.

Meanwhile I was always tired, dragging myself into work every morning at 5 AM. I had 3 cups of coffee and I was still complaining about being tired. Worst of all I had little ambition. I never wanted to work out after work. I never really wanted to do much of anything after work. My husband and I would put on our comfy clothes and sit on the couch.

Nine months later another one of my friends started posting about thrive. Kelly Mowat sent me a message on Facebook. She was going on about the great benefits, and how it has completely changed her life and transformed her into a better mom, wife, and overall person.

Like the last person who tried to tell me about it, I ignored her. She did not give up. Eventually, after months of avoiding her posts and messages, she came by my house one night with samples for my husband and I.

“I’m not giving up on you, Aimee.” She said as she thrust the samples into my hand. My husband laughed so hard. He was like, “you’re not going to get me to take any of that crap.”

He knew less about it than I did. Kelly explained how easy it was to take our two capsules in the morning as soon as we woke up, 30 minutes later have our lifestyle shake, and place a DFT on our skin. It sounded easy enough. So the following morning we woke up at 4 am, as usual, and began the simple routine that would change the rest of our lives.

Day one we were quite a bit more chatty than usual. I didn’t have my morning coffee, and my husband did not take a caffeine pill, which was very regular for him. Day three we took our capsules and I looked at my husband a few minutes later and said, “I’m ordering this for both of us.” That afternoon I also clicked the promoter button. I knew I had to share thrive with everyone!

People at work noticed we weren’t doing the zombie walk from our car to the warehouse at 5am any longer, or complaining about being tired all the time.

It has been an amazing year. We had so much energy to work out and do more things together. We both lost 30 pounds and have so much more ambition.

One other amazing benefit is the friendships I’ve made. My team has been so solid and motivating. They took a shy girl with low self esteem and molded her into a strong confident woman.

If someone approaches you about trying thrive, dont be silly like I was and ignore them. They’re telling you the honest truth, they care about you, and it truly is life-changing.



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