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Breakdown of Thrive cost in Canadain

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The most common question I get as a Thrive promoter is, is it expensive? The answer is yes, it is not cheap but, what you are getting health wise it most definately cheap compared. When you break down the cost for a Canadian customer the products it is $7.50 a day for the Le-vel Thrive 3-step process.  I consider my health to be worth that when I think about how I went to Starbucks and spent $5.00 a day on lattes.  When you put numbers on things without  officially weighing your benefits vs price it can sound pretty scary.  You are getting multivitamins, minerals, amino acids, probiotics, enzymes, plant extracts, and weight management support.  When you think about trying to buy products to support all of that the price becomes a whole lot more than $7.50 a day.

The biggest question to be asked is what is your health worth to you?  I used to spend ridiculous amounts of money on different products to try and make sure my body had what it needed.   I would take an oil for the amino acids, a daily vitamin, a protein powder, and acai berry pouches for my smoothie, caffeine, and RedBull.   I would have to buy Kefir for my probiotics, not to mention all of the other things I would have and try for maintaining weight.

When you think of $230 (it depends on the conversion to Canadian $$)  it sounds like too much money to spend on yourself.  Is it really, though?  This product has literally saved my life.  I can not say enough good things about Le-vel.  I am not a health nut by any means. Being a chef has had posed some very serious challenges in maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle.  All of that aside just the change in my energy levels is enough to never stop taking Thrive.  I have been a chef for 12 years and this is the first time in my life I have been able to manage my work schedule and still have a ton of spare energy.  To me, that is incredibly life changing, to me that is worth $7.50 a day.

What I have mentioned before on here is how you can get two people referred to Thrive on auto ship and get yours free.  It is so easy once people see the immense change in you.  It’s that amazing that people actually have to ask you what is different when they see the pep in your step.

So if you find as a Canadian the price is holding you back then don’t let it.  It’s as easy as cutting out that coffee you have every day.  As easy as saving all that spare change in your wallet.  In my opinion, your health is worth that. The life changing experience you will have is worth that.


To see more about thrive or sign up free follow this link



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