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My Thrive experience

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The blue dress is before Le-vel Thrive and the pink is 2 months later.

The above pictures are to show you what can happen if you start taking Le-vel Thrive.  The blue dress was me in Spain prior to Thrive.  I am a full-time executive chef of a golf course.  My days are stressful and chaotic.  Some days I’m lucky if I eat more than once in a day.  It is extremely challenging to stop and eat in and industry that just never stops with duties to complete.  Most days I will go so long without food I start to feel ravenous and shaky and break down and eat anything that is quick and easy to eat while running around.  I hate to admit that more times than not that food ends up being french fries.

As a ritual, I usually start off my day with coffee and never stop drinking it until night time.  It is how I have survived 16 hour days and working 7 days a week sometimes.  My work week consists of 60+ hours a week.  Coffee was not a fun pastime, it was a necessity.  I went through my days feeling so lethargic that on my down time I spent most of my time in my pj’s vegging out for lack of energy.  I couldn’t understand how people could have enough energy for working out or other energetic activities.  It felt like if I did go to the gym and work out that I was sacrificing what tiny little bit of energy I had left to make it through my days on that one activity.  On days I was extra lethargic I would have coffee and Redbull after to try and get that extra push through the day.  That always came at the price of sleep.

My best friend Aimee started taking this product Le-vel Thrive.  I was a bit interested until I heard about the patch.  I completely wrote it off to a marketing gimmick and never gave her any more interest after that. I am lucky she loves me the way she does because she never gave up.  She kept on pushing me and telling me how badly I needed this product.  She finally said enough is enough and sent me a 4-day sample even though I said I wasn’t interested.   She must know me that well as out of curiosity I figured I could try it and once and for all tell her how it’s all placebo effect.

Day 1

I followed her strict instructions to make sure I take my vitamins on an empty stomach as soon as I wake up.  These instructions are by no means difficult at all.  Just in order to benefit properly, you need to follow directions.  It then said to wait a half an hour before having the shake.  This was a mental adjustment to my caffeine ritual but not difficult at all.   After half an hour I drank my smoothie I made with the premium lifestyle mix.  Then I put on the thrive DTF patch.

It only took a matter of an hour from waking up and I felt incredible.  There is no other way to put it.  I was floored by just how much energy I had and how amazing I felt.  This was no placebo effect.  I finished a very long 16 hour day easily and went home thinking great now I’m NEVER going to sleep.  That’s just it, I slept better than I have in years.

Day 2-4

I continued to follow the easy 3 steps in the morning and continued to feel awesome.  Day 2 I contacted my best friend and said ok order me a month of Thrive.  I continued to go about my day with pure clean energy, unlike any RedBull or coffee. I didn’t spend day 3 and 4 which were my days off work in my pj’s on the couch trying to recover from the week.  I felt amazing.  I went out for a walk day 3 and got all of my errands done early in the day.  Day 4 I cleaned my house but not like normal. I deep cleaned my house like never before because of all of my energy.  I proceeded to do some aerobics yoga just because I felt so good I didn’t think I was going to have to pay for doing so.

Months following

I continued with that clean pure energy and incredible sleep.  I was able to get out and do more things and activities.  In doing so, I lost 30lbs.   Thrive does not claim to be a weight loss solution.  It does help you manage your weight and provide some weight loss support but you do all of the work to lose the weight yourself with all of the support Thrive gives you nutrition wise.

The Thrive W

— Weight Management
— Cognitive Performance
— Joint Support
— Inflammation Support
— Anti-aging And Antioxidant Blend
— Lean Muscle Support
— Digestive And Immune Support

Premium Lifestyle mix:

— Ultra Micronized (Small Particles Lead To Better Bioavailability)
— Nutrient Mineral Dense Formula
— Probiotic And Enzyme Blend
— Antioxidant And Extract Blend
— Lean Muscle Support
— Weight Management Or Fitness
— Gluten Free

DTF patch:

— Weight Management
— Mental Clarity
— Appetite Control
— Metabolic Support
— All Natural Time Release

I am now able to get everything my body needs in three simple steps.  You would be surprised how easy it is.  It is something everyone needs to try for themselves.  I started craving healthier foods and making a better effort to eat more regularly.  The biggest kicker is I stopped drinking coffee altogether.  There is no need for it anymore.  I occasionally drink a cup because I love coffee but no longer do I depend on it.



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